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August 10th-18th 2020


Using voice and storytelling in your photography, The power of composition and eye movement, Advanced Camera Techniques, as well as one-on-one classes and critiques with Nikon Ambassador Kristi Odom and with Darren Gustaveson. This workshop include a 1-year mentorship with Kristi Odom.  



Full board hotels.  For Tsavo, we will be staying inside the game parks with possible animal encounters all throughout the day and night. In the Masai Mara, we will stay in luxury tents all with their own private bathrooms (it’s definitely not camping). 



$4285 before November 15th

$4585 After November 15th


  • Visit the world-famous Masai Mara to see the Great Migration

  • 4 wheel drive throughout the vast savannahs of Tsavo West & Tsavo East National Parks

  • Stay inside National Parklands with elephant watering holes just outback

*Optional Activity (cost not included): Hot Air Ballooning over the Masai Mara

Animals Encounters:

**while sightings are not guaranteed, we anticipate the following

  • Lion, Elephant, Cheetah, Leopard, Zebra, Wildebeest, Giraffe, Hippo, Crocodile

Activity Level:

Low, this adventure is mostly 4x4 driving in safari parks. We will have one or two short hikes. 


a small group adventure in search of the great migration

SOld OUt


Close encounters at a wildlife refuge in the Amazon Jungle.

This trip focuses on animal conservation and photography education. 

Animal Encounters:

**while sightings are not guaranteed, we anticipate the following

  • Spider Monkeys, Howler Monkeys, Squirrel Monkeys, Capuchin Monkeys, Toucan, Macaw, Capybara, Tapirus


Activity Level:


We have some long hikes scheduled inside the Amazon. There will be many OPTIONAL activities that are very active, like biking and canyoneering.




Educational Topics:

Conservation photography, the power of photography to inspire positive change, composition and eye movement, advanced camera techniques, as well as one-on-one classes and critiques with Nikon Ambassador Kristi Odom and with Christy Frank.  This workshops include a 4 month mentorship with sessions from both Kristi and Christy. 


Basic accommodation. Mostly huts.   




$3600 Early Bird (before Feb 29th, 2020)

New Zealand

NZ holds a special place in my heart.  With landscapes beyond imagination and up close encounters with wildlife, it truly is one of my favorite places on this planet!   - Kristi


 Nature Experiences:

**while sightings are not guaranteed

  • Swim with the acrobatic dusky dolphins

  • Photograph one of the world's rarest penguins waddling up on the beaches

  • Photograph playful Sea Lions

  • Cruise to see the famous Milford Sound

  • Kayak at Abel Tasman National Park

  • Scenic cruise to see Marine Wildlife

  • Early morning 4wd photography tour to photograph sunrise over a high vantage point over Lake Wanaka


Activity Level:


Low- there will be some kayaking, short hiking,  and swimming (all optional of course), but other than that, it is a relaxing trip with boat and private drivers taking us around.  

Educational Topics:

This trip is structured for more one-on-one education.  There is an intro class, then the rest of the workshop will be one-on-one time with the instructors.  You do not have to be a photographer to enjoy this adventure, and if you are, we will work with you to reach your individual learning goals.  Lead by Kristi and Christy. 


Basic hotels and lodges   




$5600 Early Bird (before Feb 29th, 2020) 

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